Connect with Students

Post a Job or Internship

Alumni and parents wishing to hire a Faculty of Arts and Sciences student can post positions for free on Crimson Careers (the Office of Career Services' online jobs and internships database). Please register using the Employer/Alumni section of Crimson Careers. Exclusive for Harvard alumni and parents: You may list your contact information on the job posting form so that students can reach out to you directly to discuss the available position. 

Offer a January Break Experience

Students are not in classes during the January break, which can be a good time for career exploration. Alumni may offer internships (paid or unpaid) or job-shadowing experiences between January 2-25. These experiences allow students to observe and ask questions, gain hands-on experience, learn about an organization or industry, and build relationships. Learn more about proposing a January Experience.

Participate in a Program on Campus

Many alumni in diverse fields enjoy connecting with students by participating in educational programs on campus. Email your interest and field to

  • Participate in a career program.
    • Sit on a panel, represent your organization or field at a career event, or participate virtually in a career chat.
  • Apply to be a Professional in Residence.
    • The goal of the Harvard Professional in Residence program is to connect students to alumni in the professional world across a variety of sectors to facilitate a deeper, cutting-edge understanding of career opportunities and trends. Some activities include office hours, lunch-time career chats, and evening workshops/seminars related to an industry area. OCS seeks alumni from all fields for this program.

Join the Online Alumni Community

Offer advice to students and other alumni by joining the HAA online alumni community of people willing to network with students and other alumni. See the Harvard alumni directory registration page for details.

Join Firsthand Advisers

Firsthand Advisers is an online platform designed to connect students with alumni from a variety of Harvard schools who work in diverse fields and organizations. The tool facilitates “flash mentoring” – allowing you to provide a burst of expertise in job search and/or career advice without being a burden on your limited time. There are currently three consultation types to engage in:

  • Career Chats,
  • Resume Reviews, and/or 
  • Practice Interviews

Firsthand makes it easy to schedule a phone conversations with students through the platform while keeping your personal contact information confidential. Firsthand was designed by Harvard alumnus Fredrik Maro, MBA ‘10, and joining the platform takes only a few minutes. To register for OCS Firsthand Advisers, please visit:

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