Academic Job/Internship Seeker

What Every Postdoc Needs to Know

“Thinking of starting a postdoc? Want to know how to move on from a postdoc?” This is your go-to guide for all your postdoc questions. Available at OCS and Harvard Library locations.

Connected Academics

Resources to help prepare doctoral students of language and literature for a variety of careers by the Modern Language Association.

Carpe Careers

A new essay every week featuring career advice for PhDs.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Career Center

Advice for graduate students, postdocs, and educators, as well as for those in the private sector or trying to establish a lab. Features an extensive collection of videocasts/podcasts hosted by the NIH career center.

Inside Higher Ed

Keep abreast of news, issues, and advice related to higher education. 

Higher Ed Jobs

higher education administrative and faculty job postings and advice.