Career Services for Enrolled and On-Leave Students

Harvard College Undergraduate Students

First Year Students Choosing to Defer Enrollment

  • Unfortunately, non-matriculated First Year students are not eligible for OCS services (including help with premedical advising or job and internship search advice). If you are trying to decide whether to take a Leave of Absence, we strongly encourage you to consult with a trusted advisor before finalizing your decision. The College has trained a special team of advisers to help you work through your decision. You can email to connect with an adviser.

Enrolled Student Services

  • All OCS Services will be virtual for Fall 2020. Offerings include 20 career fairs, hundreds of programs, employer events and drop-in and one-on-one general, premed, and summer funding advising.
    • General Advising
      • Start by attending a “How To OCS” workshop
      • Attend a Drop-In offered M-F 1:00-4:00 to get quick questions answered or to have a resume reviewed.
      • Students who have attended a “How to OCS” workshop or a Drop-in will then be eligible to schedule a one-on-one advising appointment. All seniors are already activated for one-on-one advising.
    • Programming
      • Watch for the Sunday “This Week at OCS” email highlighting all the programs coming up that week. Customize the information you receive by choosing the areas you are interested in learning more about.
    • Crimson Careers
      • Search this data base for jobs and internships posted just for Harvard students.
      • Use this tool to sign up for events and advising appointments.
    • Premedical and Pre-Health Advising
      • Attend a Pre-Health 101 workshop to be eligible for one-on-one advising.
      • Watch for special programming for pre-health students and sign up for the premed newsletter.
    • Employer Events and Recruiting Program
    • Summer Funding
      • Students who have attended a “How to OCS” workshop or a Drop-in appointment are eligible to schedule a one-on-one Summer Funding advising appointment for Fall 2020.
      • All students in good standing who will be enrolled Spring 2021 and who plan to enroll Fall 2021 are eligible to apply for summer funding.
      • Priority for one-on-one appointments during Fall 2020 will be given to currently enrolled students.
      • Note: The College has not made a decision about whether summer funding can be used for international experiences for summer 2021.

On-Leave Student Services

  • Students who have previously enrolled in Harvard College and are currently on-leave are eligible for the following services.
    • General Advising
      • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors on leave may attend virtual drop-in advising.
      • Note: One-on-one scheduled appointments are only available to students on leave after they have attended a drop-in session, and may not be available during the busiest months of the year.
    • Programming
      • Students on leave will continue to receive the “This Week at OCS” email each Sunday and are welcome to attend all virtual programming.
    • Crimson Careers
      • On leave students will continue to have access to job and internship postings in Crimson Careers.
    • Premedical and Pre-Health Advising
      • OCS Premedical and Pre-Health drop-in and one-on-one advising is only available to students currently enrolled in the College.
      • Juniors and Seniors on leave may attend educational programs on applying to medical school.
    • Employer Events and Recruiting Program
      • All employer events, career fairs, and recruiting activities will be virtual.
      • Students on leave may attend all virtual employer events open to their class level as well as OCS career fairs.
      • Students on leave, who wish to participate in the OCS Recruiting Program, must attend an orientation to be activated to apply to participating employers.
      • Employers may or may not choose to interview students off-cycle. Generally, employers in the OCS Recruiting Program are looking to hire interns for their ‘penultimate’ summer. If you will have more than one summer prior to graduating, this may make you ineligible for some internships for the current recruiting cycle. Students applying to full-time opportunities should be planning to graduate by June 2021.
      • All students on leave must use the OCS Resume Template for Students on Leave which clearly indicates the student’s enrollment status and expected date of graduation.
      • Students who fail to use the on-leave template and do not truthfully disclose leave status and date of expected graduation to prospective employers, will be removed from the program, lose OCS privileges and be reported to the Honor Council.
    • Summer Funding
      • Students on leave in Fall 2020 may attend Summer Funding workshops and appointments (drop-in and scheduled) during Fall 2020. Priority will be given to currently enrolled students if needed.
      • Spring 2021 Summer Funding appointments or workshop participation are not available for students on leave during Spring 2021.
      • Students on-leave in Spring 2021 and students not planning to enroll in classes in Fall 2021 are not eligible to apply for OCS summer funding.
    • Term-Time Opportunities
      • All OCS advising and programming is directed towards helping students learn about and apply for summer opportunities and full-time post-graduate employment or graduate and professional school. For this reason, unfortunately, OCS is not able to help students on leave with securing term-time opportunities

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Masters and PhD Students

  • Enrolled and On-leave Student Services

    • All OCS Services will be virtual for Fall 2020.  OCS will be offering 20 career fairs, hundreds of programs (many specifically for GSAS students) and numerous employer events. These events are open to all matriculated GSAS students, whether actively enrolled or on leave.
    • One-on-one advising for GSAS students will be offered in two forms:
      • 15-minute express appointments for quick questions or review of one job search document. These appointments will become available for scheduling in Crimson Careers each Friday for the following week to accommodate more urgent questions.
      • 30-minute appointments for longer conversations, or for review of one or more job search documents. These appointments become available for scheduling in Crimson Careers 30 days prior.
      • Both matriculated and on-leave GSAS students may schedule one-on-one advising appointments
    • All GSAS students may participate in the OCS Recruiting Program, employer info sessions, and OCS-sponsored career fairs that are open to GSAS students. However, students on-leave must indicate their on-leave status on their resume and clearly indicate their intended month and year of graduation. Attend an OCS Orientation for master's or PhD students to gain access to the OCS Recruiting Program. Orientations will be held in mid-late August and will be announced in the Friday newsletter "The Week Ahead@OCS for GSAS students" and on the OCS/GSAS calendar.
    • Incoming G1s who chose to defer, whether in master’s or PhD programs, will not be eligible for any OCS advising or other services until they officially matriculate.