College Student Group Conferences

OCS has worked with the Office of Student Life (OSL) to outline, in advance, some of the major student group conferences that occur each year. This way students launching new initiatives will get a sense of some of the other large programs that may compliment or conflict with their event. Student groups may want to partner together on conference-scale events rather than compete for space and/or audience.


  • Business Leadership Program (Harvard Student Agencies (HSA))


  • Harvard College Consulting Conference (Harvard College Consulting Club (HCCG) and Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (WIB))
  • Evening of Ventures (Harvard Ventures)


  • Intercollegiate Business Convention (Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (WIB))
  • Innovation Competition (Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (WIB))
  • Harvard E3 annual fall tech conference (Harvard College Engineering Society)
  • Harvard Conference (Harvard College Initiative for Latin American Relations)
  • Costume Catwalk (Harvard Events Board)
  • Tedx Harvard College
  • Israel Innovation Conference (TAMID)


  • Igniting Innovation Summit (Social Innovation Collaborative)
  • VFG Financial Conference (Veritas Financial Group (VFG))
  • Innovation Talks (Harvard College Engineering Society)


  • National Collegiate Research Conference (Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA))
  • Winter Xcelerate (Harvard Ventures)


  • Harvard x Design (Springboard)
  • AMBLE Spring Career Conference - Fashion, Media, Entertainment, Marketing (Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (AMBLE))
  • WE Code Conference (Harvard Women in Computer Science)
  • Social Enterprise Conference (HBS Women's Student Association and Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (WIB))
  • Dynamic Women in Business Conference (HBS Women's Student Association)
  • ECAASU 2015 Spring Conference (Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association)
  • Freshman Formal (Harvard University Events Board)
  • International Development Hackathon (D4D)


  • Event on Careers in Social Innovation Speaker Panels + Social Venture Fair (Social Innovative Collaborative)
  • HILAR Querétaro Conference (Harvard College Initiative for Latin American Relations)
  • Harvard Annual African Development Conference (Harvard African Student Associations, et al)
  • Careers in Conservation Conference at Harvard (Harvard College Conservation Society)


  • Harvard College China Forum (HCCF)
  • Latinos Health Careers Conference (LiHC)
  • ELEGANZA Fashion Extravaganza (Eleganza)
  • Harvard International Consulting Competition (Harvard College Consulting Club (HCCG) and Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (WIB))
  • VFG Financial Competition (Veritas Financial Group)