Crimson Careers

Crimson Careers is the centralized hub for:

Jobs and internships posted exclusively to Harvard students. These include:

  • Nonprofit, engineering, and other diverse internships, both national and international.
  • Opportunities posted by Harvard Centers and departments.
  • Opportunities posted by Harvard alumni.
  • OCS Recruiting Program jobs and internships (requires activation).

How to apply:

How to apply to a job or internship

Scheduling one-on-one appointments with OCS advisers. 
Note: In September, only seniors, GSAS students/alumni, and HES degree students/alumni have access to one-on-one appointments.

OCS event registration.

OCS virtual career fairs.

Internships posted by consortia partner UCAN.

  • UCAN is an internship database to use in addition to Crimson Careers.
  • UCAN Internship Exchange listings are shared by 20 national colleges and universities, and include thousands of domestic and international opportunities.

    Instructions to sign-up for a UCAN account:
  • Hit the "sign-up" button and use your Harvard email.
  • You'll receive an automatic email with a link to click to verify your email address. Be sure to do this or your account will not be approved.
  • Once you've verified your email, your account access will be approved, usually within one business day. You will receive a confirmation email, with a link to set your password.
  • For convenience, you may also access UCAN through Crimson Careers. The link will be on the bottom right of your screen in a box titled "Jump To."

How to

Navigate Job and Internship Postings

Creating a Saved Search

How to create a saved search in Crimson Careers

Navigation Bar

Crimson Careers is streamlined so that students can see diverse opportunities together in one searchable database. The “interviews” tab is only available to students once they have registered for the OCS Recruiting Program.

Navigating to the Interviews tab

Home Tab

On the home page of Crimson Careers, you will find “shortcuts” that are specific to your profile description, “announcements” from the Office of Career Services, and “alerts” indicating activity on your account or steps you need to follow, such as signing up for an OCS Recruiting Program interview. 

Profile Tab

This basic yet important information is for OCS internal use only and is not visible to any employers. It is used for contact information and for scheduling appointments. Keep your phone number and email address (@fas or @college) up-to-date so that we can contact you in case of a change in schedule, interview cancellation, or a last-minute interview spot!

Documents Tab

Adding documents to Crimson Careers

All application documents can be uploaded or viewed from this tab, and may include resumes, cover letters, unofficial transcripts, and writing samples. Customized resumes and documents can also be uploaded directly to specific positions from the job description page. All documents will be converted into PDF documents. There is NO LIMIT as to how many documents you can upload. 

Jobs and Internships Tab

There are many preset searches to help you find the kind of opportunities that you are looking for. Crimson Careers allows you to set up your own searches, set favorites, and receive email updates on new postings.

Depending on your search criteria, you most likely will see Non-OCS Recruiting Program positions side-by-side with OCS Recruiting Program opportunities

Non-OCS Recruiting Program Job Postings

Jobs, Internships, Short-Term Projects, Fellowship/Post-Graduate Internship, and Research: These position types are Non-OCS Recruiting Program jobs and internships and DO NOT have interview schedules associated with them. Apply by following the instructions in the job description. Interviewers will contact you directly to set up an interview time and location.

OCS Recruiting Program Postings

Finding recruiting positions

Campus Interview Program - Job and Campus Interview Program - Internships: These position types are OCS Recruiting Program jobs and internships, most have an interview date associated with them. Apply by clicking on the job description and submitting the requested documents through Crimson Careers. Key dates and deadlines, like the interview date, are visible on the right side of the posting.


Students are responsible for providing to individual employers exactly what the employer has requested. One of the first things a recruiter asks him or herself is “Did the student give me what I asked for?” Whenever possible, tailor your application materials to the specific job or industry for which you are applying.

Schedule an Appointment

Make an Individual Appointment with an OCS Career Adviser

  1. Using your Harvard email and ID, log in to Crimson Careers.
  2. Once you are logged in, select “Request an OCS Advising Appointment.”
    Note: you may only make one advising appointment at a time. If you have already scheduled an appointment you will not see the “Request an OCS Advising Appointment” option until you have completed your scheduled appointment. See below for instruction on how to reschedule your appointment.
  3. To schedule your appointment:
    1. Select the adviser(s) you want to meet with by checking off the boxes next to their description. Then, hit the “Check Availability" button below the list of advisers.
    2. Select the time that you want.
    3. Scroll to the right and complete the information required on this screen (your phone number, graduation date, etc.). Be sure to include notes for the adviser under “topics of discussion.” Once completed, hit the “submit” below these fields (different from the “submit” button under the adviser list).
    4. Make sure the next screen lists your appointment status as “approved.”  

To see the details of your appointment, reschedule, or cancel an appointment:

  1. Once in Crimson Careers, select the Advising Appointment tab from the left sidebar
  2. Under Advising Appointment, select "Request New Appointment".
  3. If you would like to meet with a particular adviser, use the “Advisers” filter on the left sidebar to see their specific appointment availability.
  4. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, select the three vertical dots next to your currently scheduled appointment.

Please contact the OCS front desk if you have any questions. If you are not local, and need assistance scheduling a phone, Skype or Zoom appointment, contact the front desk at