Dress for Success

Appearance is an important aspect of the impression you make with a current or future employer. In following with our colleagues at Harvard Business School, we are encouraging students to attend all campus recruiting events in business casual or "smart" casual attire as described below. Students should plan to wear corporate attire to interviews unless otherwise instructed by the employer.

Attire Description

Business or "Smart" Casual

(for employer events and career fairs)

• khakis, dress pants, or skirt

• button-down long-sleeve shirt, sweater set, or blouse

• have a blazer handy

Business Formal

(for interviews)

• dark suit with a light shirt or tailored dress

• conservative tie/simple jewelry

• dark/polished closed-toe shoes

The videos and links below provide some guidance and examples to help you prepare for your next professional meeting or event.

Women's Business Formal vs. Casual
Men's Business Formal vs. Casual

View some examples on our Pinterest Boards:

Dress for Success
Consult “OCS Dress for Success” Pinterest boards for men, women, and those beyond the binary, as well as student examples from past career fairs and expos.

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