First Choice Funding Pilot

New: OCS First Choice Funding Pilot
for Summer International Opportunities

To better serve students and help with decision making, OCS is offering a new pilot program allowing students to apply for an early funding decision.

OCS “First Choice” Funding Decisions

  • Which Funding Categories are eligible?
  • Who may apply?
    • In addition to our regular eligibility requirements, to be eligible for First Choice Funding, students must have been accepted into the program or internship and be willing to commit to this experience. Students who accept First Choice Funding are on their honor not to continue to apply for other opportunities.
  • What is the timeline?
    • Students who receive a summer offer before Friday, January 18, 2019 and are ready to commit to this experience may apply. After this date, students should apply through the regular funding deadline of Thursday, February 7, 2019. 
  • Application Process
    • Once a student has been accepted by a program or host organization and is ready to commit to the opportunity, the student should apply through CARAT to “First Choice: OCS Funding Application for An 8-Week International Experience.”  They should also sign up for a First Choice Funding Interview Appointment through Crimson Careers
  • How much money will be allocated?
    • Students pursuing research assistantships or internships will receive the country-level stipend for the location to which they are traveling. The stipends range from $5,000 to $7,000. This stipend should cover airfare and living expenses, but students should plan to bring some additional money for food and travel.
    • Students pursuing nonprofit volunteer programs will receive an award that covers the cost of the program. Additionally, students on financial aid will receive a travel stipend to help cover airfare and living expenses. All students should plan to bring some additional money for food and travel.