Building Career Connections: Social Intelligence for Scientists [HMS Postdoctoral Fellows Event]


Thursday, August 30, 2018, 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Harvard Medical School, 260 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA, 02115, TMEC 227
"In this session you will use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to enhance your internal and external communication and workplace effectiveness. The MBTI is a powerful personality assessment tool to help individuals enhance social intelligence in work and in life. Through this tool you can gain self-awareness including a better understanding of your unique strengths and potential areas of growth, as well as how personality differences can impact the way you work. In this highly engaging and eye-opening workshop you will:

Learn what your Myers-Briggs type is and what that means for you especially related to your work

  • Gain heightened awareness of your own work style and preferred ways of working with others
  • Increase understanding about how you prefer to receive information and make decisions
  • Recognize normal personality differences and develop flexibility during workplace interactions to work more effectively with coworkers and supervisors.
  • Understand how personality type impacts communication, collaboration and conflict
  • Learn how to get your own work-related needs met by adapting your style to different situations and circumstances


During the session you will confirm your preferences to determine your 4-letter MBTI type and learn more about the tool through exercises and case studies.
Before the session, we ask that you take a version of the Myers Briggs called the Jung Typology Test found here:
(please note: the date for this workshop was changed, originally scheduled for November)

Speaker Bio: Sabrina Woods is an a Holistic Career Coach & Linkedin Trainer. Her current focus involves merging her 10+ years of career coaching work with her natural talent in networking to help individuals capitalize on tools such as Linkedin and other social media and branding websites. Sabrina has taught Linkedin at universities and other institutions in the US, the UK and the Middle East including NU, Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Whitehead Institute, Tufts, the University of London, and the American University in Dubai. For more information, visit: or"