Finance Summer 2022 – Internships in Finance Q&A Session


Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 3:00pm to 4:00pm


No, that is not a typo! We are already starting to hear from finance employers who are interested in talking with students about Summer 2022 internships. This includes some bulge bracket and elite boutique investment banks, as well as some private equity and venture capital firms. If you are a sophomore or first-year and are considering a finance internship for Summer 2022, plan to attend this webinar to learn more. OCS will present information about the finance recruiting landscape as it stands today and what this spring, summer, and September are expected to look like. We will then open it up for questions (which can be asked anonymously) and will provide guidance on how to prepare for the recruiting cycle. PLEASE REGISTER TO ATTEND.

Please note many other sectors hire Harvard students for summer internships but do not recruit this far in advance. To learn about these opportunities, attend OCS creative careers, public service, and/or science, research, and technology orientations.