GSAS "Flash Mentoring" Week


Monday, April 8, 2019 (All day) to Sunday, April 14, 2019 (All day)

Did you know that over 300 GSAS Alumni have recently signed up on Firsthand Advisers ( to talk to you about your career and help you with your job search? Alumni have master’s and PhD’s in most disciplines and represent a variety of employment sectors, and they are eager to speak with you! 

What is it: Harvard alumni (including many master’s and PhD’s) from around the world have volunteered to: 

* Have a career conversation with you, 

* Review your resume, 

* Conduct a mock interview. 

What to do: Look over alumni profiles and sign up for conversations with alumni from a variety of different disciplines, fields, and employment sectors. 

How to do it: To participate, go to the Firsthand Advisers platform (, click the “Get Advice” button and set a password. Then use the platform to schedule a time to connect with alumni who match your interests. 

What to say: Check out the OCS “Building Professional Connections” booklet to prepare and to get the most out of your Flash Mentoring discussion. Questions might include: 

* What was your first job after you left Harvard? 

* What skills did you learn in your PhD that have helped you throughout your career? 

* What do you enjoy most about your job and what are the challenges? 

* What growth opportunities are there for people graduating with a PhD in my discipline? 

* Based on my skills, education, and experience, what other career paths might you suggest I explore? 

* Who else would you recommend I speak with? 

Explore options, get connecting and jump start your career during GSAS Flash Mentoring Week! 

*Firsthand is a proprietary product that OCS has purchased for student use.