GSAS: Flash Mentoring Week


Monday, February 10, 2020 (All day) to Sunday, February 16, 2020 (All day)


Online via Firsthand Advisers


Monday, February 10 - Sunday, February 16

Did you know that over 300 GSAS alumni have signed up on the Firsthand Advisers* platform to talk to you about your career and help you with your job search? GSAS alumni have master’s and PhD’s in most disciplines and represent a variety of fields and employment sectors and are eager to speak with you! You'll also find hundreds more alumni of Harvard College and many Harvard professional schools.

What is it: Harvard alumni (including many master’s and PhD’s) from around the world have volunteered to:

  • Have a career conversation with you

  • Review your resume

  • Conduct a mock interview

What to do: Look over alumni profiles and sign up for conversations with alumni from a variety of different disciplines, fields, and employment sectors.

How to do it: To participate, go to the Firsthand platform, click the “Get Advice” button and set up a password. Then use the platform to schedule a time to connect with alumni who match your interests.

What to say: Check out the OCS tips and questions to prepare and to get the most out of your Flash Mentoring discussion. Questions might include:

  • What was your first job after you left Harvard?

  • What skills did you learn in your PhD that have helped you throughout your career?

  • What are your favorite parts of your job? What do you find most challenging?

  • What growth opportunities are there for people graduating with a PhD in my discipline?

  • Based on my skills, education, and experience, what other career paths might you suggest I explore?

  • Who else would you recommend I speak with?

Explore options, get connecting, and jump start your career during

GSAS Flash Mentoring Week!

*Firsthand is a proprietary product that OCS has purchased for student use.