GSAS: Harvard/Yale Peer Professionalization Group Infosession - Humanities & Social Sciences


Thursday, April 29, 2021, 4:30pm to 5:00pm


Open to GSAS master's and PhD candidates. Interested in joining a Humanities and Social Sciences Peer Professionalization Group (PPG) with Yale Peers? This initiative is a self-directed peer mentoring program, which pairs small groups of Yale and Harvard graduate students from related fields who are interested in actively developing their professional and career plans. Taking place this summer, PPG provides graduate students with the opportunity to accelerate work on career preparation in bi-monthly group meetings with the support of OCS in order to get to know your skills, interests, and values, identify career interests and goals, and produce job market materials, such as a resume and informational interviewing email templates. Most of all, you will work with like-minded peers and gain the confidence to embark on networking and career exploration plans! Interested in learning more? This event is an infosession...attendance is not required to join the Group. Group registration will open after the infosession. PLEASE REGISTER TO ATTEND.