GSAS: Networking for Researchers


Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 10:00am to 12:00pm


Lamont Library Forum Room, Cambridge, MA 02138 (Bring your Harvard ID!)

Networking can often feel daunting, yet it’s essential to be successful in any career path. All of us can benefit from a more systematic approach to networking. In this lecture, Jean-Luc Doumont will cover approaches to effective networking (with a focus on conferences and other academic settings), both face-to-face and online, each time offering concrete, readily applicable tips. Jean-Luc is acclaimed worldwide for his no-nonsense approach, and his highly applicable, often life-changing, recommendations on a wide range of topics of interest to researchers. This event is open to GSAS students and postdocs in all disciplines and is co-sponsored by OCS and the FAS Office for Postdoctoral Affairs. GSAS students, PLEASE REGISTER TO ATTEND.


Speaker Bio: Jean-luc Doumont is an articulate, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker. He reaches a wide range of audiences worldwide as an invited speaker at companies, universities, research laboratories, and major conferences. He is an engineer from the Louvain School of Engineering, holds a PhD in applied physics from Stanford University, and is author of "Trees, Maps, and Theorems," his book about “effective communication for rational minds.”