Pursuing the PhD in the Humanities & Social Sciences: Myths and Realities


Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 4:00pm to 5:00pm



Are you a college or master's student considering a PhD in the humanities or social sciences? It's important to know what to expect before embarking on the PhD. Come hear from advanced graduate students who will share their tips and advice on applying for, and surviving and thriving in, graduate school. We'll also discuss essential questions you must ask yourself before committing to the PhD, as well as how to position yourself for a career within or beyond the professoriate after grad school. Please register in Crimson Careers to attend.
Panelists will include:


  • Gbemisola Abiola, PhD Candidate, African and African American Studies 
  • Angela Lee, PhD Candidate, Sociology 
  • Felix Owusu, PhD Candidate, Public Policy 
  • Chris Rodelo, PhD Candidate, American Studies