OCS Funding for Virtual Internationally-Focused Internships & Research Assistantships (approx. 8+ weeks )

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See Harvard College's Summer 2021 Funding Policy

For the latest information on Harvard College's Summer 2021 Summer Funding Policy, see remoteready.fas.harvard.edu/updates

Harvard College prioritizes the wide distribution of Summer funding to ensure that as many undergraduate students as possible can have a meaningful summer experience. For funded Summer 2021 experiences, students may only apply Harvard University funding to one Summer experience, regardless of duration of time (ex. only four weeks or a part-time effort). Co-funding between multiple sources of funding is permitted only if the funding jointly supports the same Summer experience. This includes students who accept the Harvard Summer School tuition waiver. Those students who accept the HSS waiver may not accept funding for a second Harvard Summer experience.

Exceptions to the Summer Funding Policy are uncommon and will be reviewed on an individual basis; students should make exception requests to their Resident Dean, who will forward on to the Office of Undergraduate Education. All exceptions will be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Failure to adhere to the Harvard College Summer funding policy may result in a student being referred to the Administrative Board or Honor Council.

If you are interested in pursuing a remote internationally-focused internship or research assistantship, apply for OCS funding following the instructions below.  

NOTE: To be considered for funding for a remote internship through Absolute Internship, Ankuri, Connect 123, diive, Kagumu Adventures, Pagoda Projects, Sage Corps, Think Pacific, United Planet, or Virtual Internships, please see the instructions listed under Third Party Pre-Arranged Virtual International Internships (Non-Harvard).

You do not need to have your internship or research assistantship confirmed before the funding application deadline. You will need to have an opportunity confirmed by March 26, 2021 to be considered. 

International students are welcome to apply to opportunities outside of the U.S. or their home country.

Important Dates

  1. Thursday, February 4, 2021 - Priority deadline to apply for OCS funding
  2. Friday, March 12, 2021 - Rolling deadline
  3. February and March 2021 - Interviews for funding
  4. Monday, March 22, 2021 - Funding notifications go out on rolling basis 
  5. Friday, March 26, 2021- Deadline to accept/decline funding award

Who Can Apply for Funding?:

OCS can only fund students who are:

  1. Pursuing virtual internships or research assistantships that are approximately 8 weeks or longer 
  2. In good standing  
  3. Enrolled full-time during Spring 2021 
  4. Planning to enroll in Fall 2021 
**Preference will be given to students who have NOT received prior funding**

How to Apply:

  1. Apply directly to the organization with which you want to intern or conduct research
  2. Enroll in direct deposit.  See instructions here.
  3. Apply in CARAT to “OCS Funding for a Virtual Internationally-Focused Internship or Research Assistantship SU21 (IND)” by Friday, March 12, 2021 (rolling) with the following materials :
    1. Proof of application or acceptance to organization (or email correspondence showing you have inquired about internship or research opportunities).
    2. Completed Virtual Internship and Research Assistantship Form, saved in PDF format.
    3. One-page resume (.pdf, see OCS templates for guidance).
    4. Unofficial Transcript, available under "View Unofficial Transcript" link in the Grades tab of my.harvard.edu.
    5. Proof of Direct Deposit enrollment (screenshot pdf) - Submit a pdf screenshot from the "Student Accounts" section from my.harvard.edu that demonstrates that you are enrolled in direct deposit.

How Much is Awarded?:

  • $4,000 USD stipend.
  • If the internship program has a program fee, students will pay the fee using the $4,000 USD stipend.

OCS Will NOT Fund:

  1. In-person internships 
  2. Internships at multiple organizations or that are less than approximately 8 weeks 
  3. Thesis or independent research – for independent research funding, consider applying to your department, Harvard centers, or to Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

Important Note About Award Amounts:

  • Funding decisions are made by a committee and are not based on financial need. 

Important Note on OCS Summer Funding: 

  • Any student awarded OCS summer funding can only accept one Harvard source of summer funding for summer 2021.
  • Students offered full OCS funding for a non-Harvard study abroad program or an approximately eight-week or longer internship or non-credit program may not receive funding from any another Harvard office without written permission from the Office of Career Service. Accepting more than one source of funding takes away opportunities from other students seeking funding.
  • Students who accept Harvard summer funding for an internship, research, remote study abroad, or public service experience are not eligible to receive a waiver to enroll in a Harvard Summer School course or vice versa.
  • Funding administered by the Office of Career Services is intended to support student travel, lodging and living expenses such as local transportation, food, and incidentals. These generous donor funds may not be used to pay others to provide services such as hiring third-party researchers or clinicians or to purchase goods or services for other individuals or organizations.
  • Failure to follow these rules may result in a student being referred to the Administrative Board or Honor Council for an offense. 

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