An interview allows the employer to assess your qualifications for the job or internship, your fit with the organization, how well you have considered your reasons for applying, how clearly you express your potential contribution, and your “soft skills” such as communication and professionalism. In essence, the interviewer wants to know: Why should we hire you? Interviews are also an opportunity for YOU to evaluate the organization and whether the opportunity you've applied for aligns with your professional interests, skills, values, and goals.



OCS has designed a number of workshops to help you prepare for the academic interview, including:

GSAS advisers also offer individual mock interviews. Students should sign up for mock interviews by contacting, because academic mock interviews require a one-hour appointment. Plan well in advance, as these appointments are often difficult to schedule. Be sure to upload a CV in Crimson Careers, prepare for the interview, and be punctual. You are strongly encouraged to attend an interview workshop prior to scheduling a mock interview.  

Additional resources: