OCS offers students free access to interests, skills, and values self-assessment exercises. To take any of the assessments, create an account. On the second page of registration, enter the OCS license code available here. After taking any assessment, please schedule an appointment with an undecided adviser at OCS to review your results and discuss next steps. 

You have free lifetime access to these assessments and we hope you will take advantage of them to make best-fit career choices throughout your professional life.

Special instructions for Skills Profiler access for users who signed up between July 1 - December 18, 2017: If you signed up for MyPlan between July 1 - December 18, 2017, the OCS code erroneously omitted the Skills assessment. To access the Skills assessment for free under the OCS license, please follow the link for the OCS license code, and then use the instructions and new code provided.