Recruiting Program

The OCS Recruiting Program provides a structure for the networking, application, and first-round interview process for both full-time and internship opportunities with approximately 150 employer participants each year. The process is highly competitive and used by only certain types of employers that can predict their hiring needs well in advance of start dates. The program is one tool among many that students should utilize in their search for jobs and internships.

All Fall 2020 Program activities will take place virtually. The OCS Recruiting Program (formerly called the Campus Interview Program) will still organize networking events, application deadlines, and virtual interviews with employers that hire in a structured way. Over the next few weeks, the Recruiting Program webpages will be updated to reflect the changes in light of virtual recruiting. Attend an orientation (see sign up/registration) or email to join the Recruiting Program summer email list for updates.

Meeting Employers At Events

The job search is a contact sport! Don't miss the chance to meet employers in advance of their application deadlines. Please note that you do NOT need to be registered with the OCS Recruiting Program to start attending employer and organization events, career fairs, or student group and non-OCS events. All Fall 2020 recruiting events will take place virtually.