Dates and Deadlines

Application deadlines are listed on Crimson Careers, and on the Campus Interview Program calendar. As the calendar indicates, the vast majority of full-time and summer internship deadlines are on Wednesdays at 11:59pm and about two weeks prior to the employer visit. The exception are “open” interview schedules, which have a deadline two days prior to the employer visit date. Any other exceptions will be listed on our website. Plan ahead. You must be registered with the Campus Interview Program and logged in to Crimson Careers in order to submit any application materials for a given deadline. Deadlines are final and strictly enforced.

Academic & Campus Interview Program Calendar, 2018-2019 

First Day of Fall Classes Tues, September 4

Networking & Information Sessions, Full-Time & Intern 

Tues, Sept. 4 - Thurs, Sept. 27

Finance & FinTech Networking Night, Full-Time & Intern

Tues, September 4

Business & Technology Fall Career Fair, Full-Time & Intern

Fri, September 7

Campus Interview Program Late Night, 5pm - 9pm Mon, Sept. 10 & Thurs, Sept. 13

First Fall Campus Interview Deadline, Full-Time & Intern

Mon, September 10

Consulting Networking Night, Full-Time & Intern

Fri, September 14

Campus Interviews, Full-Time & Intern

Mon, Sept. 17 - Thurs, Nov. 1

No Off-Campus (Second/Final Round) Interviews

Mon, Sept. 17 - Thurs, Sept. 20

Diversity Career Fair, Full-Time & Intern Fri, September 21

Data Analytics & Technology Fair, Full-Time & Intern

Fri, October 12

Media, Marketing, & Creative Careers Expo Thurs, October 18
Thanksgiving Recess Wed, Nov. 21 - Sun, Nov. 25

Fall Reading Period**

Thurs, Dec. 6 - Mon, Dec. 10

Fall Examinations**

Tues, Dec. 11 - Thurs, Dec. 20

Winter Recess

Fri, Dec. 21 - Sun, Jan. 27

First Day of Spring Classes 

Mon, January 28

First Spring Campus Interview Deadline, Full-Time & Intern  

Wed, January 30

Spring Campus Interviews, Full-Time & Intern

Tues, Feb. 5 - Wed, Feb. 13

Spring Break

Sat, Mar. 16 - Sun, Mar. 24

Spring Reading Period**

Thurs, May 2 - Wed, May 8

Spring Examinations**

Thurs, May 9 - Sat, May 18


Thurs, May 30

**NO recruiting activities (educational sessions, information sessions, and interviews, including off-campus interviews) may take place during Harvard's Reading and Exam Periods.


Offer Decision Deadlines

Thurs, October 11

Full-Time offer resulting from a previous Campus Interview Program summer internship or OCS promotional channel*

Thurs, October 25

Intern offer resulting from a Previous Campus Interview Program summer internship or OCS promotional channel*

Thurs, Nov. 8 or 3 weeks from date of written offer, whichever is LATER 

Full-Time & Intern Offers Resulting from FALL Interview Season (Sept. 17, 2018 - Nov. 1, 2018)

3 weeks from date of written offer

Full-Time & Intern offers resulting from SPRING Interview Season (Feb. 5, 2019 - Feb. 13, 2019)

Campus Interview Dates and Deadlines (2018-2019)

Fall 2018

Interview Period

Student Application Deadline

Employer Preselect Deadline

Employer Interview Date

Full-Time & Intern 

Monday 9/10 @11:59pm Wednesday 9/12 @ 4:00pm Monday 9/17 - Thursday 9/20
Thursday 9/13 @11:59pm Tuesday 9/18 @ 4:00pm Monday 9/24 - Thursday 9/27
Wednesday 9/19 @11:59pm Tuesday 9/25 @ 4:00pm Monday 10/1 & Thursday 10/4
Wednesday 9/26 @11:59pm Tuesday 10/2 @ 4:00pm Tuesday 10/9 - Thursday 10/11
Wednesday 10/3 @ 11:59pm  Tuesday 10/9 @ 4:00pm Monday 10/15 - Thursday 10/18
Wednesday 10/10@ 11:59pm Tuesday 10/16 @ 4:00pm Monday 10/22 - Thursday 10/25
Wednesday 10/17 @ 11:59pm  Tuesday 10/23 @ 4:00pm Monday 10/29 - Thursday 11/1


Spring 2019

Interview Period

Student Application Deadline

Employer Preselect Deadline

Employer Interview Date

Full-Time & Intern


Wednesday 1/30 @11:59pm

Friday 2/1 @ 4:00pm

Tuesday 2/5 - Thursday 2/7

Wednesday 1/30 @ 11:59pm 

Tuesday 2/5 @ 4:00pm

Tuesday 2/12 - Wednesday 2/13


Interview Schedule Notes

  1. All students must register to participate in the Campus Interview Program each academic year.
  2. Student Application Deadline: Students submit all application-related materials via Crimson Careers by 11:59pm on this date. Campus Interview Program application deadlines are Wednesday nights, with the exception of the first two fall deadlines. 
  3. Employer Preselect Deadline: Invited, alternate and not invited decisions are typically entered by 6pm on this date in Crimson Careers. Check your "Interviews" tab in Crimson Careers to view your status.
  4. Invited Sign-up Start Date is 12:00am the day after the Employer Preselect.
  5. Schedule Types: Interview schedules may be one of two options listed below.
    1. Invited - Alternate Schedules: Alternates will be able to select any remaining interview time slots at 12:00am three days before the interview date.
    2. Open Schedules: Interviews are scheduled entirely on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. Interview Changes: You may change your interview time in Crimson Careers if there are open interview times available up until 9:00am two calendar days prior to the interview date.  If you need to switch an interview time and there are no open times available, please email to request an interview switch with another student. 
  7. Schedules Freeze: You may cancel an interview up to 9:00am two calendar days prior to the interview date through Crimson Careers. Late cancellations are a violation of the Campus Interview Program Policies. Students may not cancel a first-round interview to attend a second-round interview.

Last updated 3/16/2018

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