Research, Volunteering, and Interning Related to Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Are you interested in pursuing research or an internship related to women, gender, and/or sexuality this summer? Due to a generous donor gift OCS is able to offer potential funding.

Apply to the “OCS Women, Gender, and Sexuality Research and Internship Funding Application.”

The Office of Career Services welcomes rising seniors, juniors, and sophomores from any concentration to apply for funding. Award amounts range from $1,250 to $7,000 depending on the destination and length of travel.

Funding Award Amounts:

  Domestic International
2 weeks or less $1,250 $1,750
15 days to 4 weeks $2,500 $3,500
29 days to 6 weeks $3,750 $5,000
43 days or longer $5,000 Global Support Services
determined country-level
stipend for destination

Apply online through CARAT to the “Summer 2020-OCS Women, Gender, and Sexuality Research and Internship Funding Application." Applications are due by 5 pm on Thursday, February 6, 2020.

To apply, you will need to submit:

  • A one-page resume
  • A one-page, single-spaced description of your research or internship project
  • A funding request form (available on the application and here)
  • Proof of direct deposit enrollment (Instructions for enrolling can be found on the application and here).