Summer 2021 Email Curriculum

All Harvard college students who register for OCS Recruiting are included in the OCS Recruiting Email List. 

Making the Most of Your Summer - Sent 5/18/21

Summer is almost here! Congratulations on completing the academic year. We know that while many of you may be looking forward to a summer experience, others may be seeking new opportunities.

If you are looking for a summer experience, consider:

  • Doing an internship or short-term project. Continue to check out opportunities posted in Crimson Careers (tip: also check out the UCAN internship database linked in Crimson Careers). Check out Parker Dewey (a provider of short-term internships/projects). Talk to an OCS adviser to brainstorm options.
  • Learning a new skill using LinkedIn Learning (free for Harvard students). You might consider building a technical skill valued by employers such as learning basic coding or Excel.

Making the most of your summer experience:
Whether you are doing one of the things mentioned above or something else like learning a language, conducting research, or volunteering, you will want to learn skills and make professional connections that you can leverage in the future. If you will be doing an internship or remote project this summer, below is advice from OCS on how to make the most of this experience.

These are just a few resources to help as you plan for summer. Stay tuned for more information to come!

Best Regards,
The OCS Recruiting Office 

Making Connections This Summer - Sent 5/26/21

Summer is an excellent time to reach out to fellow students, recent alumni, and other professionals who are working in fields or at organizations that interest you. Making connections and networking are the most effective ways to explore pathways into particular fields, navigate the application and interview process for certain sectors, and position yourself for future internship and job opportunities.

Tips for Making Connections

Enjoy your week, and look out for more information to come.

The OCS Recruiting Office 

Research Employers and Industries - Sent 6/14/21

You may have heard that to be successful in the application and interview process you need to "do your homework." This means researching the employers and industries that interest you. Employers often say that most Harvard students are extremely talented and capable of doing the role. What sets a candidate apart is their demonstrated interest and knowledge about the organization, the work that they do, and the broader career field. In addition to connecting with professionals, you can get a head start by utilizing some of the sources below.

Career Field and Employer Research

  • OCS Resources and Tips by Field
  • Vault (free through OCS) - access industry guides, "a day in the life" profiles, and more
  • Search Engine Alerts - set up "Google alerts" and/or other notifications to email you when a particular organization or topic is mentioned online
  • LinkedIn - join groups in relevant industries and sectors, browse discussion boards, follow company pages
  • Twitter - follow companies, thought leaders, industry news
  • Industry Publications - read the relevant news about the organizations and sectors that interest you in publications like The Wall Street Journal (subscribe for free with your HarvardKey), Bloomberg Businessweek, AdWeek, Wired, and Harvard Business Review
  • Employer Websites - keep tabs on the organizations you are interested in by periodically checking their websites, especially the career section, and joining their mailing lists (if it is an option)

Stay tuned for more tips and resources to come. 

The OCS Recruiting Office

Positions Visible in Crimson Careers - Sent 7/7/21

OCS Recruiting fall postings are now visible in Crimson Careers. Organizations will continue to post opportunities through September. Linked below is a list of employers currently signed up to participate in OCS Recruiting, including employers who have not yet posted a position. We give you access to these resources now so you can start planning and preparing your resumes and cover letters. Most employers plan to review applications following the deadline.

Application Preparation:
One of the key steps is to read position descriptions carefully in Crimson Careers in order to highlight in your application how you fit with the organization's specific needs. There is a considerable advantage to connecting with employers during career fairs and recruiting events and tailoring your application materials based on knowledge and relationships you develop. Employer information sessions begin on August 16th and will be added to Crimson Careers on a rolling basis. In the meantime, see the following sections of the OCS Website to start preparing:

Have a great weekend!

The OCS Recruiting Office

Interview Preparation - Sent 7/14/21

Taking some time now to learn what to expect in an interview, familiarize yourself with interview types, and, most importantly, PRACTICE can help you go into the fall more confident and prepared! As previously announced, all fall Recruiting interviews will be virtual. Prepare for this unique type of interview using the resources below. 

Virtual Interviews

Additional Resources Available for All Industries
Prepare for a video interview as thoroughly as you would for any interview.

Case Interview Prep:
If you are interested in pursuing consulting opportunities this fall, be sure to find time to prepare for case interviews. 

We will continue to be in touch as the fall semester approaches. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

The OCS Recruiting Office

Ending Your Summer Strong - Sent 7/21/21

We hope you are enjoying your summer experience. Below are some tips for ending your experience on a high note.

Ending Your Summer Strong

  • Plan for Deadlines - Plan ahead to be sure you meet final deadlines and deliver your highest quality work.
  • Update Your Resume - Add responsibilities, projects, and quantifiable achievements while they are still fresh in your mind. See the OCS resume resources for guidance or schedule a resume review through OCS Firsthand Advisers.
  • Connect with Colleagues - Take advantage of making connections before your summer experience comes to a close. Review the OCS Making Connections handout (pdf) to guide your conversations. Consider using LinkedIn to stay in touch with managers, colleagues, and mentors you have met this summer. These contacts may change jobs in the future, but LinkedIn allows you to always stay connected. See OCS LinkedIn Tips for help getting started. 
  • Meet with Your Supervisor - If no exit conversation is scheduled, ask for the opportunity to meet with your supervisor. This is a great opportunity to express your appreciation, request feedback, and inquire about next steps. If the organization is hiring, you can ask how to strengthen your application. If they are not hiring, ask your supervisor if they would be willing to be a reference for you in the future.
  • Send Thank You Notes - Writing thank you notes to the people who supported you and mentored you throughout the summer to express your appreciation can help you end on a high note and maintain relationships.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer experience!

The OCS Recruiting Office

Managing Offers - Sent 8/6/21

Next week the OCS Employer Relations Director, Deb Carroll, will be hosting a webinar to discuss managing an offer. Tune in at 5:00pm ET on Wednesday, August 11th to get your questions answered and scroll below for general offer guidelines.

Managing Offers Webinar
Wednesday, August 11, 2021, 5:00-6:00pm ET
Many students are surprised to find that the "offer stage" can be just as stressful as the recruiting process. Learn how to advocate for yourself while maintaining good professional relationships when asking questions or addressing issues about your offer. Join the OCS Employer Relations Director, Deb Carroll, to discuss some of the following scenarios/questions, plus any additional questions students may have:

  • What if your employer is asking you to make a decision before you are ready?
  • How do you talk about your offer with other prospective employers?
  • What if you want to change groups, location, or some other aspect of your offer?

To Participate: Register using your Harvard (@college) email address. Please register here.

Guidelines for Navigating an Offer
As some students are beginning to hear about offers for post-graduate opportunities as a result of their current summer internship, we wanted to share some guidelines in advance of the webinar. Please feel free to contact us ( if you have specific questions.

  • Decision Timeline - Employers who hired through OCS Recruiting last year (formally called the Campus Interview Program), promoted events through OCS, or plan to participate in fall recruiting activities have agreed to the Harvard offer guidelines. This includes that students should have at least through the end of their summer 2021 experience to decide about opportunities beginning in 2022. After that point, 2-week or longer decision windows may be permitted. In addition, we recommend the following decision deadlines:
    • Full-time offers extended prior to September 1st: October 7th (recommended)
    • Intern offers extended prior to September 1st: October 21st (recommended)
    • All offers extended after September 1st: November 4th (recommended)
  • No Exploding Offers - We expect employers to honor all offers made to students. Exploding offers are prohibited and refer to any condition that places undue pressure on the student to accept early (e.g., "We have 10 offers outstanding for 8 openings and will accept the first 8 students who accept," or “We will extend an offer if you agree to accept today,” etc.).
  • Expectation of Written Offers - All employers should extend offers in writing and be prepared to exhibit written offers to the OCS Recruiting Office.

If you need more time to decide on an offer, you might start by (gently) bringing up the Harvard decision guidelines and asking if your deadline can be updated to this date. We are happy to advise students on asking for more time to decide on an offer. Email the OCS Recruiting Program via if you have a time-sensitive concern or schedule an appointment with an OCS adviser for advice on managing and evaluating your offer.

What If I Don't Get a Job Offer from My Summer Employer?
For a variety of reasons, not all students receive a full-time offer at the end of their summer internship. Take some time to reflect on what you learned this summer, what kind of skills you acquired, and what kind of environment you may (or may not) want to work in. Plan to attend OCS Daily Drop-Ins, Monday - Friday, 1 - 4pm (resuming on Monday, August 23rd), or schedule an appointment with an adviser to plan your job search strategy. Know there are many employers hiring for full-time opportunities through OCS Recruiting, career fairs, and recruiting events this fall in addition to many non-Recruiting postings in Crimson Careers.

The OCS Recruiting Office


Preparing for Application Deadlines - Sent 8/24/21

Below are some resources that will help you prepare for the first OCS Recruiting application deadline on Wednesday, September 1st.

What are the OCS Recruiting application deadlines?
OCS Recruiting streamlines the networking, application, and first-round interview process for ~100 employers, primarily in finance, consulting, tech, and business. For the most part, OCS consolidates employer application deadlines on to Wednesday deadlines to help students plan and to help employers promote their opportunities. Apply to opportunities individually. Each week upcoming application deadlines will be emailed over the OCS Recruiting email list. Some employers including McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group are choosing firmwide deadlines this year; these application deadlines may fall outside of the typical Wednesday deadlines.  

Which opportunities are in the first deadlines?
Mostly, the September 1st and September 8th deadlines include both full-time and internship opportunities in financial services, consulting, and tech. 

OCS Recruiting Resume Book:
Submit your resume to the OCS Recruiting resume book from the "documents" tab in your Crimson Careers account. Note: This is just one more way employers might find you and does NOT replace applying to employers individually.

Application Preparation:
One of the key steps is to READ POSITION DESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY in Crimson Careers in order to highlight in your application how you fit with the organization's specific needs. In addition, see the following sections of the OCS Website:

OCS Advising Help:

  • Attend OCS drop-in hours Monday-Friday from 1-3pm ET (virtual) or 3-4pm ET (in-person). Connect with an adviser for a resume or cover letter review or for questions. See “Talk to an Adviser” for more details.
  • In addition, OCS is hosting 20-minute express appointments for juniors & seniors from August 31st - September 10th. Schedule an express appointment from the "advising" section of your Crimson Careers account.

Have a great week!
The OCS Recruiting Office