Summer 2020 Email Curriculum

All Harvard college students who register for the OCS Recruiting Program are included in the OCS Recruiting Program Email List. 

Making the Most of Your Summer - Sent 5/19/20

Summer is almost here! Congratulations on completing the academic year amid some extraordinary circumstances. We know that while many of you may be looking forward to a summer experience, many others may be finding that summer plans have been changed and are looking for new opportunities. Below are some ideas on how to make the most of this summer.

If you are looking for a summer experience consider:

  • Doing a remote internship. Continue to check out remote opportunities posted in Crimson Careers (tip: also check out the UCAN internship database linked in Crimson Careers).
  • Participating in a micro-internship. Check out Parker Dewey (a provider of short-term internships) or review the short-term projects posted by Harvard alumni in Crimson Careers.
  • Learning a new skill using LinkedIn Learning (free for Harvard students). You might consider building a technical skill valued by employers such as learning basic coding or Excel.

Making the most of your summer experience

Whether you are doing one of the things mentioned above or something else like learning a language, conducting research, or volunteering, you will want to learn skills and make professional connections that you can leverage in the future. If you will be doing an internship or remote project this summer, below is advice from OCS on how to make the most of this experience.

These are just a few resources to help as you plan for the summer. Appointments with OCS advisers are currently available via Crimson Careers to discuss summer plans. Stay tuned for more information to come! 

Best Regards,
The OCS Recruiting Program Office 

Making Connections This Summer - Sent 5/27/20

Even in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions, summer is an excellent time to reach out to students, recent alumni, and other professionals who are working in fields or at organizations that interest you. You can connect virtually using a lot of the same guidelines and suggestions we would advise for any type of networking. 

Tips for Making Connections

Use online tools to make connections and get the inside scoop on pathways into particular fields, navigating certain sectors, and how to position yourself for future internship and job opportunities. Below are some OCS resources that will help you make connections.

Enjoy your week and look out for more information to come.  

Best Regards,
The OCS Recruiting Program Office 

Research Employers and Industries - Sent 6/10/20

Below are some resources to help you learn more about employers and industries that might interest you.

Career Field and Employer Research:

You may have heard that to be successful in the application and interview process you need to "do your homework." This means researching the employers and industries that interest you. Employers often say that most Harvard students are extremely talented and capable of doing the role. What sets a candidate apart is their demonstrated interest and knowledge about the organization, the work that they do, and the broader career field. In addition to connecting with professionals, you can get a head start by utilizing some of the sources below:

  • OCS Resources and Tips by Field
  • Vault (free through OCS) - access industry guides, "a day in the life" profiles, and more!
  • Search Engine Alerts - set up "Google alerts" and/or other notifications to email you when a particular organization or topic is mentioned online
  • LinkedIn - join groups in relevant industries and sectors, browse discussion boards, follow company pages
  • Twitter - follow companies, thought leaders, industry news
  • Industry Publications - read the relevant news about the organizations and sectors that interest you in publications like The Wall Street Journal (subscribe for free with your HarvardKey), Bloomberg Business Week, AdWeek, Wired, and Harvard Business Review
  • Employer Websites - Keep tabs on the organizations you are interested in by periodically checking their websites. Often organizations will list important updates or recognitions on their homepage.   

Stay tuned for more tips and resources to come.   

Best Regards,
The OCS Recruiting Program Office 

Interview Preparation - Sent 7/10/20

Taking some time now to learn what to expect in an interview, familiarize yourself with interview types, and, most importantly, PRACTICE can help you go into the fall more confident and prepared! As previously announced, all Recruiting Program interviews will be virtual. Prepare for this unique type of interview using the resources below. 

Virtual Interviews

Additional Resources Available for All Industries
Prepare for a video interview as thoroughly as you would for any interview.

Case Interview Prep:
If you are interested in pursuing consulting opportunities this fall, be sure to find time to prepare for case interviews. 

  • Case Questions Interactive (free through OCS) - Marc Cosentino, author of Case in Point, has compiled resources and practice cases for students to access online. Click here for the OCS pin protected login. 
  • Vault Case Interview Guide (free through OCS) - Learn about case interviews and prepare with sample cases.      
  • Case Questions Exchange Platform - "Exchange was developed by Case in Point author Marc Cosentino for students from around the world to practice cases with their peers from other schools. When you register for the Non-MBA track at, your personal information will be protected and then deleted three months after your graduation date. Members will be able to sign up to give (proctor) or receive cases with students from other schools. You can delete your name off that list at any time."
  • Fast Math Resources - Access free tools like a Quantitative Assessment Quiz and Mental Math Exercises put together by Matthew Tambiah
  • cACE it! (available for purchase) - A guide from fellow interviewees Moriya Blumenfeld ‘16 and Irfan Mahmud ‘16. Available for purchase from Amazon (kindle edition available).

We will continue to be in touch as the fall semester approaches. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Best Regards,
The OCS Recruiting Program Office