Summer Planning & Funding

  • Max McGillivray, ‘16

    "I learned so much more about the career I want to inevitably pursue.”

  • Madeleine Ankjelyi, ‘17

    “I feel that the biggest thing that I have gained is confidence to explore the world and follow my passion."

  • Leena Raza, ’16

    “It was a great experience to know what it is like to shadow in a public health clinic and to work on my own research project.”

  • Damon Clark, ‘17

    "I gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of the tiring, yet greatly important, work that the White House does.”

  • Michael Albergo, ‘17

    “This summer taught me that if I am interested in pursuing something, I am at the stage in my life where I should just do it."

  • Angela Wu, ‘17

    “From being mentored by a generous and innovative professor to watching the sun set on the college chapels..."

  • Caroline Juang, ‘17

    "My summer brought me to an environment where I can immerse myself in Chinese culture."

OCS provides summer planning resources and funding opportunities for Harvard College undergraduates.

Most summer funding application deadlines fall in late January or mid-February. Successful applicants start planning early and carefully. Here are some helpful tips to get started:

Start Early

  • Attend info sessions and workshops beginning in October to learn about various summer opportunities
  • Attend the Summer Funding and Programs Fair in December
  • Prepare applications in advance of the late January/early February deadlines
  • If you will need a letter of recommendation, make sure to reach out to your recommender well in advance
  • Come to OCS "ask me anything" drop-ins sessions Monday through Friday, 1-4pm.

Plan Carefully

Identify what type of experience you want to have:

  • Structured or unstructured (program vs. independent internship)
  • Study? Internship? Volunteer? Research?
  • What country or region are you interested in?

Think about how your proposed activity fits into your four years of learning at Harvard.

Read the Navigating Summer Opportunities to explore all your options.

Navigating Summer Opportunities 2018-19


Get Advice from Many Sources at Harvard

OCS is one of many resources on campus. Consider reaching out to:

Funding Resources

Check out the International Funding Resources chart below to get a sense of the different types of Harvard College funding sources and options.

International Funding 1International Funding 2Domestic Funding

OCS is just one of many centers and departments at Harvard that offer funding. Make sure to utilize these different resources, such as CARAT, as you plan your summer. To see the wide array of Harvard funding opportunities please check out the International Funding Resources chart above. 

Domestic Public Service

Domestic Public Service

Interning, Volunteering, Researching Abroad

Interning, Volunteering, Researching Abroad

Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

For information on Winternships please visit our Wintersession page. If you have questions about funding for these opportunities contact the Summer Planning and Funding team. 

Students applying for OCS Summer Funding for a Harvard Summer School program may submit one additional OCS application for international funding in any of the other categories. However, OCS will only review this second application if you are not offered, or decline, funding for a Harvard Summer School program.